Winter Greys │Style Inspiration 1

Yes! We see a trend this winter – greys, whites, and nudes… Well, at least that’s almost all we find in shops nowadays.

I’ve come up with a bit of Winter Inspiration and how you can make the most of your wardrobe this season. Trust me; you’ll make believe that every piece you wear is a statement piece. If you love colours like I do, you may have also found it a challenge lately, but guess what? ‘You can make it work’; and this goes for men too. I recently went shopping and just cringed the whole time because I felt like there was just a single shop spread out in different outlets but with different names… Well, all the shops basically had the same thing. My goodness, all I kept whispering was “why bother”?

Here, I have styled my Midaxi Denim Skirt, paired with a white frill collared blouse and a grey coat/jacket. It’s funny that I didn’t even know that the term (Midaxi) existed until like a month ago… aren’t we all just learning? Anyways let’s move one. The choice of the top came about because the skirt is very simple and I wanted to go with something simple to bring out the real beauty of the skirt – though it’s just a plain denim skirt with a front slit. Since I wanted to stay with the theme, ‘Winter Greys, I went with the grey fur coat, paired with black pumps and a black and white handbag.

Apart from school uniform back in the days, I don’t think I’ve ever done so well sticking to a theme.

If you’re stuck on what to wear this winter, I’d suggest you just keep it simple. Also careful on your choice of shoes because your shoes can make or break your whole look. Stay tuned and I’ll reveal to you exactly how to achieve a flawless look through your shoes in upcoming posts. Remember, the simpler the better and I always say,

“Be creative, be fashion forward…”


In the next few posts, I’ll be revealing to you the next four looks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this. Please don’t forget to support your girl. For all outfit details and more, click Here


OK maybe just a few more photos and then we’re done 🙂

“Walk it. Yes, walk like no one’s watching…”

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8 thoughts on “Winter Greys │Style Inspiration 1

  1. Sonia says:

    Babe I really experience the lack of colour in the shops so I don’t bother going anymore. I make use of every item in my closet. Some have owned for years.Don’t we all love winter fashion. You look amazing dear with that denim skirt. Enjoy the rest of your week.

    Liked by 1 person

    • chicstylecheck says:

      Aww thank you so much.
      It is such a pain going shopping these days… This has to be the year that I have shopped less in my entire adult life… Well, it works to my advantage so then I have to save and I have more money for other things because I can be very addicted to shopping.. Thank Goodness for trend I guess… I hope you also enjoy the rest of your week.. ❤


  2. Grace says:

    Winter is often perceived as the season to snuggle and cover up. And often the fashion styles are not appetising. The outfit you’ve put together is beautiful and brings the message that greys can be stylish. Also, in winter the last thing on my mind to put on is a skirt but the way you’re wearing it definitely convinces me otherwise. I love it❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • chicstylecheck says:

      Aww winter for many is such a boring season and I won’t deny that I do struggle so much myself. I guess I’ve learnt that with fashion, there’s really no limit…. One can look just as elegant in winter as they would in Summer on Spring etc… I think it’s a matter of exploring/experimenting with different styles and just have fun with it


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