A lil’ Colour & Layering

Today is the first day of Spring in this part of the world, Perth Australia – and many of you in other parts are still experiencing the serious winter cold;  like the one we’ve just had here.

This is the sort of look I’d wear out on a lunch date with hubby. In this look, I not only added colour, but I also incorporated a bit of layering. We all want to be warm in winter, but how do we do just that without looking tacky? Well, layering can be a mess – Speaking from experience right here…

I kept this look pretty simple with just a white shirt-dress, paired with an orange knit crop-top. I decided to go with something dark underneath, so I wore black washed out torn jeans. For the shoes, I went with something that matched my top and for the bag; I went with my orange Guess Bag (Huntley Cali Satchel).

You guessed it, I must be addicted to Guess bags…

Wait a second, did I forget to mention the brown belt? Believe it or not, that belt is from a dress that I bought a few years ago. I didn’t wanna be over the top by wearing a white or black or any other colour, so I softened the look with a brown belt between the white shirt-dress and the orange crop-top.


“Be creative, be fashion forward…”


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Outfit detailsHere


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