Burundian Star Light │John K-ay Films

Hello Friends,

In this post, I’ll be talking about a great  young man, a hardworker and high achiever who has defied the odds of cultural stereotypes and prejudices faced by many through his passion for acting and film-making.

John K-ay is a 24 Years old award-winning filmmaker living in Sydney Australia . John was born in Burundi and migrated to Australia in 2007. After pursuing his tertiary education in commerce and art, John pursued his dream career in film making and acting.

Since the year 2011, John has written and produced 4 feature films and two short films . These films include:

John received an award for ‘Influential African Australian for both 2015 and 2016. He received ‘Best Film Director and Producer’at the AAMMA Awards in 2016. Furthermore, John was also awarded ‘Best Filmmaker’ at CinePlay TV in New York City.

In addition to filmmaking, John  also wrote and produced a song titled ‘I Love You Mum’ in 2015. This heartfelt and moving video highlights John’s deepest gratitude ti his mother for the struggles and hurdles she endured after his birth.

For more information about John’s films and his upcoming projects, please visit www.Johnkayfilms.com.

 One of John’s most recent successes include receiving a license to Iroko TV for distribution of his latest movie ‘Irreversible Choices.

In 2017, John has bigger, so you better be on the look-out as John features our favourite Nollywood and Ghallywood celebrities in a film called ‘Cop’s Enemy’. Whoooppps…!1 that was supposed to be a secret, but now you know. So don’t just sit there… Get up and support our brother. The film will have a Red Carpet Premiere and Screening in Australia, Nigeria, Ghana, Burundi and Tanzania; so be there and don’t miss out!


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