||| Summer Stripes |||


When in doubt of what to wear, just throw on an off-shoulder dress and some converse ‘Chuck Taylor’s’. Well, honestly I just wanted to break the whole formal and seriousness currently happening on this blog right now and bring in something casual. By the way, I don’t only wear heels, so I also do casual.

This dress was really a love at first sight kind of situation for me. As soon as I saw it, I immediately pictured the million ways in which I could wear it… in my mind of course. I love the fact that you can wear this dress in so many different ways. Trust me, my heart and mind were just screaming “heels heels heels!”, but my little sister a.k.a. my photographer just slapped me back yo reality and said, why not go casual on your blog for once?

As you can see, I followed her advice and I also remember the wonderful time we spent at the beach, just catching up and enjoying the scenery and the feeling of saltwater and sand on my feet was just amazing… Let’s also not forget about the beautiful weather we had on the day.

What I love most about this dress is the fact the material is light and the length is just perfect for both a casual and formal look, Oh and of course the ‘off-shoulderness’… if that’s even a word. I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, so I accessorised the dress with my ‘Converse Chuck Taylors’, my ‘Guess Mini Tote’ and of course my leather strap ‘Fossil Watch’; and no other accessories.

How do you love spending your summer day? Let me know how you’d also style this dress or one similar.

I think I did the dress justice. What do you think?








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