Pink In Love


Happy Tuesday to You all,

How are we all doing? Goodness, this month of April has just flown right past me.


Are you looking for that flawless outfit that you can throw on without all the hard work of thinking attached? Well, this was it for me.


As much as I love fashion, I can’t quite say that I’m used to and love the whole art of tumbling my whole wardrobe upside down just to find the right thing to wear. I’m sure I’m speaking for many of us here. We all experience that at least once, twice or three times a month or who knows how many times… I’d say this personally happens to me on rather too often.


Becoming so busy lately, and growing up really, I’ve realized that the simpler the outfit, the better really, and I like it that way. Only this time, not only was I looking for something simple to wear, but my hair too was in a bit of trouble. We all know what a bad hair day feels like.


Thank goodness I was quick thinking; which led me to my pink scarf. After pairing the scarf with my pink shoes and now looking back, it made me realise that that’s the only pink stuff I own in my entire wardrobe. I’ve never really been a fan of pink, but I’ve never hated the colour either. I’ve just never been drawn to it enough to be that much in love with the it.


Anyways, on with the rest of the outfit. Let’s not forget the absolutely gorgeous ‘Denim Choker’ that I made. If you want to know how, check out my D.I.Y. Video on YouTube. I think the Choker is actually my favorite part of this outfit… oh and the head scarf of course.


Don’t you just love it when an outfit you don’t put much thought to turns out perfect? I love the balance of colours in this one; the Pink Scarf, the Black Oversized Sweater, the Denim Pants and of course my Pink Pumps… to top it all together, I went in with a white bag and some Hoop Earrings and Fossil Watch.


My favourite part is the simplicity of the look; just the way I like it. With this kind of outfit, I assure you that you can just work with anything you already have in your closet. Just throw on some denims, an oversized sweater, a scarf on a bad hair day, some heels and you’re pretty much ready to go.

Let me know what you think and until next time,

β€œBe creative, be fashion forward…”















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