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How are we all doing? Goodness I can’t believe the month of May has just finished. I can happily say that I am so ready for June. If you ask me where this year is running to, I’d honestly say I don’t know… I just don’t. I am glad however that things are moving well and I as a person am evolving and growing. As the days go by, I am discovering more and more about myself through what God is doing in my life and I am grateful to God for that.

” Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” ~ Benjamin Franklin


This past week has been a quiet one for me and it has been a time of working on myself, building myself up and just reinforcing my relationship with God. To be honest, it has proven very fruitful in that I have seen so many doors open in various areas of my life and it can’t be more exciting.

I’ll tell you what; building others is very important but you should once in a while take a little time to work on yourself so that you can have something to give to others.


Now onto my look for this week, I took a stroll around my city, Perth with my sister Laetitia Marie and had some girl time where we just went to relax, eat, talk and walk around and I loved it. You can’t always be too serious in life because life is short and sometimes you just need to kick back, unwind, relax and enjoy the little things.


When I find a chance to trade my heels for flats, 99% of times I always go for my white leather ‘ Espadrilles’ from Windsor Smith. I paired them with my favourite high-waisted jeans and a simple black top. The weather was mild, so I didn’t want to go big on outer wear, so I threw on a Blush Pink Cardigan, my little white bag and off course my Ray Bans. Oh, did I forget the belt? yh, I’ve featured it in one of my previous posts so no need to further mention it. I wanted Relaxed Casual and I got Relaxed Casual.


Going out to lunch with your girlfriends, or running errands, this is the look for you. What is your ideal relaxed casual look? Let me know in the comment section below. Until next time, don’t forget to have some you time and build yourself before you go on with building up others.



Glasses: RayBan|Top: Gifted| Pants: Factorie|Shoes: Windsor Smith|Bag: Novo|Cardigan: Kmart

















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2 thoughts on “Casual in Style

  1. beeloko says:

    The year has definitely gone by so quickly. I love the simplicity of this blog, but most importantly i love how you spoke about the importance of working on yourself. Funny enough its something I’ve been telling myself lately.
    well done darling,
    God bless

    Bee Loko.

    Liked by 1 person

    • chicstylecheck says:

      Thank you so much Bee.
      Surely thia year is going too fast.
      Working on self is such an important aspect of life and self motivation and telling amd reminding yourself plays such big role in that.
      Thank you so much for showing some love. I’m grateful ♡


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