Girl Power|Velvet Mules. Collab w/ Treypieceofchic


“You can always tell who the strongest women are. They are the ones you see building one another up, instead of tearing each other apart.” ~ Unknown

I love supporting my ladies and I do believe that that in itself is an indication of self assurance and growth because the truth is that we are not here to compete with each other. The world is truly big enough for each of us to have our own corner to flourish.

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I admire so many women in my life and among them are bloggers. I had the opportunity to collab with one very inspiring woman that I admire and love so much. She is beautiful, young, hard-working, she knows exactly what she wants and she goes for it. Tracy is from Congo, but currently based in the United States. We met on Instagram and from there our friendship just blossomed. She is an encourager and trust me, we all need that one friend in our lives and she is such a delight to talk to. She’s a fashion lover like myself… she is just amazing. Why don’t you head over to her blog and be inspired.

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I am a stronger believer that one woman’s success can always be another’s inspiration and there’s really no shame in that and I also believe that beautiful minds empower each other.

“The world becomes a better place when badass women come together.” ~ Unknown

Mules are so in right now and if you’ve been on the fashion look out, you’ll be well aware of this. I got myself a pair and I couldn’t wait to style them.


These mules are not your everyday kind of mules, they are rather a little extra and I have to be honest, I picked them because of that. Like I said, the Velvet Mules are quite extra so I knew that I had to go a little minimal with the rest of the outfit and make it as simple as possible. I decided to go in with a plain black singlet and of course my favourite light wash high-waisted denim pants and gold buckle black belt… Oh, did I forget the green print Kimono… Sorry, I meant pajamaaaah… Yh they are also in right now. Apparently you can now wear your pyjamas in broad daylight… in a fancy way of course.

The print is very Spring, but hey, Autumn has just ended here in Australia and Winter has begun so I found this to be the perfect transitioning piece… just before the Winter cold hits us seriously. I will pull it out again of course when Spring decides to show up. The weather here can be crazy, sometimes we can just get all four seasons in one day, so you never fully have to pack away everything.


Anyways, on with the rest of the outfit, I decided on no jewellery and carried my trusted bag that I love so much. I’m sure you’ve seen it numerous times without number.


OK, you know me and heels right? I felt like my feet were itching and I couldn’t help but put my heels on. This is just to show that you can turn this look from relaxed casual to classy real quick. What do you think?

Well, let’s end it here. Until next time, but before then, stay beautiful and don’t forget to let me know what you think about my velvet mules and pyjama… Just joking, but please do let me know what you think about today’s outfit. And remember to

“Be creative, be fashion forward…”



(MY OUTFIT) Top: Bonds| Pants: Factorie|Velvet Mules: Milanoo|Heels: Heels: Loubs ‘Degraspike’ | Bag: Novo|Kimono: Zara



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Out with the flats and in with the heels…













Let’s be friends





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