Joy in your Current Season & TuTu Goodness


“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” ~ G. Anderson

Many times in life, we focus on the destination and oftentimes forget to enjoy the journey, we focus on the future rather than enjoying and living in the now. Why does this happen? we get so frustrated about not having achieved our goals so quickly.


Over time I’ve come to realise that there is beauty and purpose in your current season and you can make the most of it. Your journey will expose every little detail; the joys, pains, the hurts and tears and in the end triumph; and that is if you do decided to stick around and endure. You have a lot to get from your current season. Start living joyously now rather than live your life busy fretting over your failures and your very impossible. Don’t compare yourself to other people because your journey is unique to you. You don’t know the struggles and sacrifices they went through and made to get to where they are. Don’t you someone else’s life as a benchmark for your own and where to want to be or should have been.

I have to admit, this is something which even I struggle with at times, but I’ve made a decision that while living my life, I will build and and cultivate enjoyment in the more simpler and little things in life. One can only do that the very moment they begin to be grateful for even the little things in life. Stop getting ahead of yourself and remember, a journey of “a thousand miles begins with one step”. I’ve always liked that quote which says, “I may not be where I want to be, but I thank God I’m not where I used to be”.

Hope you are feeling encouraged to enjoy your current season because there is so much beauty in it… and you never know, your big break could come tomorrow… you never know, and if you give up today, you just won’t make it.

Now, let’s talk about fashion a little bit, otherwise I can just go on and on and on. Who loves fun outfits? Well, I do. Life is too short to not wear a fun outfit once in a while. I pulled this number the other day and the compliments were endless. Some said the’d never seen an adult wear a Tutu before and it really looked amazing on me… trust me, if I say I wasn’t stoked, I’d be lying to you. My 3 year old niece even told me that I looked like a bird. Hah, that made my day.

So I purchased this skirt a few months ago, and I wasn’t afraid to rock it and I think I totally did. What do you think? I love the multi layered effect which make the skirt very puffy, which I love. Of course I had to pair it with my favourite black belt because I wanted to make that break between my top and skirt look classy.

Now, with the top, one of my very favourite and part of my three-piece Aso-Ebi. I love every detail on tje top, the style/design and especially the lace detail. This was a custom-made and my beautiful Mother-in-law got it from me From Nigerian.

 What do you think about the red Lace-up heels in this outfit? Well I wanted to add a little colour, so there you have it. As always I wanted to keep accessories to a minimal just the way I like it. What do you thin about my outfit? Would you wear a Tutu/Tulle skirt?


Now Glammies, I have to go now and I’m sure you do to, but before you go, please leave me a comment down below. Until next time, but till then, remember to

“be creative, be fashion forward…”


(MY OUTFIT) Skirt: Yuppies Fashion or similar here | Top: Custom (Nigeria)|Heels: Famous Footwear Belt: Ebay or similar here |Watch: Juicy Couture| Bag: Novo

















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47 thoughts on “Joy in your Current Season & TuTu Goodness

  1. Grace says:

    This is a very elegant outfit and the message is so powerful. Indeed we need to enjoy the journey or the process otherwise we miss the whole point. Often, we reach our destination so disappointed because we didn’t take the time to enjoy or pay attention to the journey.
    So proud of you, God bless you for this great encouragement.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. brownkittycat says:

    I love your skirt as it’s so cute and you too of course! The red heels make the entire outfit fun!

    And I agree with you about enjoying the moment and not solely focusing on the outcome/results. ❤️☺️

    Liked by 1 person

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